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For your convenience, your can easily
refill your prescription online!

Step 1:

Once you get to click “Begin Registration Process”

Step 2:

Enter the Walker’s Drug Store ZIP code (28277) and the last four digits of the Walker’s Drug Store Phone Number (0027).

Step 3:

Once you get to this next page, click on “Select Pharmacy”

Step 4:

On this next page, use Option #2 to enter your contact information. Find your current prescription number with Walker’s Drug Store and enter it in the “Prescription Number” section.

Step 5:

If there is a match in our system, you will be directed to this page. Click the “Final Step” button.

Step 6:

In the final step of the registration process, you will need to create your username and password. You will also need to provide a good email that notifications will be sent to.

Step 7:

You will then be redirected to the login page. Once there, enter your new username, password, and click “Login”.

Step 8:

On the next page, you can submit a prescription refill, or see your prescriptions.

Step 9:

Once you get to this final page you will be able to see your prescriptions, request a refill, and choose if you want to pick them up or have them delivered.