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How Walker’s Drug Store Delivers Fast and Friendly Pharmacy & Postal Service

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For over 50 years Walker’s Drug Store has been dedicated to serving the Charlotte community with top notch, friendly pharmaceutical care. And we look forward to being there for another 50. Whether it is raising a family or taking care of your loved ones, we understand that, at times, life can get a little crazy. We are there for you when it does.

  • Fast, friendly service
  • Medication Compounding
  • Personalized Attention
  • Compression Stockings/Fittings
  • Expert Pharmacy Staff
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Center
  • Natural Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if a prescription is refillable?
A: The number of usable refills you currently have can be located on your prescription bottle label as well as your prescription receipt. For example, the remaining refills on your prescription bottle label can be confirmed by locating the highlighted phrase “____ refills until ____” near the bottom left of the label. If this information is unavailable to you, or you would just rather ask us personally, please feel free to call, fax or e-mail us, and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.
Q: Can my written prescriptions become invalid over time?
A: In accordance with FDA regulations, no prescribed medication can be continuously dispensed without renewal. Non-controlled prescriptions remain valid, hence refillable, until one year after the date they are written by your doctor. Controlled substances have only a six month refill allowance. Narcotics must be renewed every refill. To locate the date a prescription refill was written, simply locate “ORIG,” and that date which follows, in the top right corner of your prescription bottle. If you are unsure as to the classification of your particular prescription drug, or if any of this information is unavailable, please contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. Please Note: The validity of a written prescription is not to be confused with the prescription’s expiration date, which refers to the date that the medication itself will have lost most of its potency.
Q: I have refills remaining on an invalid prescription. Can I still refill this prescription?
A: Unfortunately, no. In order for a pharmacy to be able to sell prescription drugs lawfully, the prescription must meet both of the following criteria: refillable and valid. All remaining refills are null and void should your prescription “expire” before you get to use them.
Q: Is it safe to take a medication that is past the expiration date?
A: This a question that is somewhat debated in the medical community. The general consensus, however, is that most (not all) medications may be safely consumed after the expiration date, up to a period several years even, though at the cost of its intended potency and usefulness. We do not recommend the consumption of expired medication. It is in your best interest to simply renew the medication to avoid any unwanted complications.
Q: How should I go about renewing a prescription that is out of refills and/or invalid?

A: When calling in refill orders by phone please let us know that you are out of refills so we can contact your doctor. Usually, it is unnecessary to contact your doctor yourself unless you are in serious need of your prescription(s). We also accept refill authorization requests verbally, or by fax or e-mail. Please Note: We are unable to actually speak with your doctor personally. All refill requests are either faxed to your doctor’s office or left on their voicemail. Requests generally take between 24-72 hours to elicit a response from your doctor’s office (depending on the office). If your refill request is an emergency, we recommend that YOU contact your doctor!

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