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The year was 1918, to be exact, and the man behind the namesake is none other than Mr. Walker himself – Theodore A. Walker, Rph. T.A. Walker lived most of his adult life as a leg amputee as a result of a terrible motorcycle accident. Nevertheless, this handicap did not deter T.A. Walker’s aspiration of opening his own independent pharmacy with a greater emphasis on personal service and individual well-being.


After 18 years of faithfully adhering to that philosophy, T.A. Walker sold WALKERS DRUG STORE in 1936 to Herman Klein and Elmer Reeves, Rph.


WALKERS DRUG STORE was purchased by Dan Lemelin and A. Artemes. In the ensuing 29 years, they diligently continued to promote the long-standing belief that people are more important than pennies.


Dan Lemelin’s son, Jeff, took over for Artemes in 1999. Together, father and son would be witnesses and contributors to Walker’s tradition as the community around them continued to flourish.

In 2005, Dan Lemelin officially “retired” after more than 35 years of tirelessly carrying on T.A. Walker’s legacy – a legacy that would be passed down to Nathan Ikner, Rph., that same year.