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If you’re going on vacation don’t forget your medication!

Summer isn’t over yet and the kids still have a few more weeks left before they return to school. That means you might still have time for a trip before they do. That said, before you leave, don’t forget to refill your prescriptions while you’re doing your vacation prep! Make sure you travel with enough medication for the length of your trip; in case your prescription isn’t valid overseas. You may also want to carry a couple of extras in case of delay, or if one goes down the sink.The last thing you want is to have a medical emergency when you’re supposed to be enjoying your relaxation time. Additionally, you can come in to us to have your pills packaged in a weekly/monthly bubble package so that you know exactly when you need to take it no matter where you are.

If your vacation takes you across the shores and international lines, then there are a few considerations for you to travel with medication. There are two classes of medications – narcotics and psychotropics – which are under the purview of international law, which means that any medication that has an effect on the central nervous system will likely be highly regulated. Narcotics have the higher potential of being abused, and psychotropics are used to treat mental disorders.

Some countries also exclude a range of medications used to treat neurological conditions such as epilepsy. Others treat sedating antihistamines as banned substances. A few countries, like the United Arab Emirates, include a range of common medications like contraceptive hormones.

You will need to have your medication in their original packaging with prescription labels showing your name attached. You should also ask your doctor to write a note verifying they’re only for your personal use, stating what the drug is (not brand), what you’re taking them for, and in what dosage. As a rule of thumb, do not travel with more than a 90-day supply of medication as it falls above the accepted personal use limit. This mostly applies to mild medicines and vitamins.

If you use strong, opioid (morphine-based) painkillers, or treatment for addiction (methadone, for example), many countries require you to get a special permit before you arrive. This may include codeine-based medicines. You may also need a letter from your doctor which outlines which medications you are taking and their dosage. If you have any questions as to whether a specific pharmaceutical may require a permit, Check with the foreign embassies and consulates in the U.S. for your destination country to find out what is prohibited.

So before you leave, come get your prescriptions refilled, and take a walk around our store to see what else you can get for you vacation checklist. Visit our site or call (704) 321-0027. Walker’s Drug Store – the drug store that cares!

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