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Just Moved To Clt? What To Know About Fall Allergies In Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the prettiest places in the South to live in Fall. From driving the tree-lined streets of Myers Park to enjoying the smell of crisp, firewood-scented air, fall is a fun time to live in the Queen City.

Unless, that is, you have fall allergies.

Why are allergies such a problem in CLT?

If you’ve just moved to Charlotte – particularly from an area with a totally different climate like the West Coast or up north – you might be in for a shock. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America consistently ranks Charlotte in the top 50 worst cities for allergies.

Namely: Our trees. Charlotte’s heavy tree canopy is gorgeous, but it creates a lot of natural allergens like pollen. Additionally, people spend a lot of time outdoors here, particularly when they’ve moved from a less-temperate climate. Pollen is on everything in Charlotte, from patio furniture to cars.

What can you do about fall allergies?

The good news is, a few simple changes can really help! If you have already experienced spring in Charlotte you’re in luck; it’s the worst allergy season of the year. However, ragweed is the primary cause of fall allergies here and it’s very distinct in that it blooms in fall. Goldenrod, mold, and various weeds can also make things worse.

Having an indoor air purifier installed in your home is a great way to keep allergies at bay both in fall and in spring. These systems, designed to filter tiny particles out of the air, can do everything from providing purification to better humidity levels in your home. Research shows that the air in your home is actually more polluted than the air outside, so doing everything you can to make your home a safe place is a great way to get a head start on allergy season. Historically, November is actually fall’s worst month for pollen in Charlotte, so getting a jump now is a smart move for your health and comfort.

“Welcome to Charlotte!” doesn’t have to end with, “Please pass the tissues!”.

Article Source: mtbmechanical.com

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