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The Best Place To Have a Tailgating Party Is Right At Home

Football season is here in full swing, and although you’re most likely looking forward to the game itself, the pre-game traditions might be high up on your list as well. One popular tradition for football fanatics all across the US is tailgate parties. If you prefer to watch the games from the comfort of your own home, or for some reason were unable to get tickets to the game, you can still have a tailgate party right at home! Here are some advantages to hosting a tailgate party at home:

You Have All the Conveniences of Being at Home

For some, the best part about a tailgate party is the opportunity to spend time with friends or family, but having the large, loud crowd at a stadium might be a bit of a turnoff. (Not to mention traffic to and coming from the venue). Hosting an at-home tailgate party brings together the best of both, you get to spend time with your friends in a setting where you’re all comfortable. On top of that, you get to go all out on the decorations and festivities.

Hit Pause, Replay and DVR

Technological advancements have allowed us to do more than just watch television. Now, we can hit pause, fast forward, rewind and also record. If you’re at the game, you can’t rewind or pause if you need to take a bathroom break or want to relive a memorable goal.

No Dirty Public Restrooms

One of the worst parts about a parking lot tailgate party is the public restrooms. Being at home eliminates this concern. You can also extend your decorations to the restroom with towels and soaps in your team color.

The kids can be a part of the party too

When going to a game, it’s usually more convenient to get a babysitter for young children or to stay at home with them. Hosting the party at home means that you can still take care of the kids while also being a part of the party. You can even come up with creative pre-game activities that the kids can be involved in, allowing them to feel like they’re a part of the party.

So if you’re planning to host a tailgate party, why not host it at home. Go all out on your game day decorations and food, scream at the TV as loud as you wish and most importantly, have fun supporting your favorite team. Check out Walker’s Drug Store for affordable prices on some of your game day essentials.

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