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The What, When, and Why of Pet Medications


As cherished members of our families, our pets deserve the best care, and that includes understanding the ins and outs of pet medications. Join us as we unravel the what, when, and why behind administering pharmaceutical products in North Carolina

  • What Types Of Medications Does Your Pet Need? 
    Pet medications come in various forms – pills, liquids, chewables, and even topical treatments. They serve different purposes, from preventing fleas to managing chronic conditions. Whether your pet needs a routine supplement or a prescription medication, understanding the specific product and its purpose is crucial.
  • When Should You Administer Pet Medications?
    The timing of pet medications is key to their effectiveness. Whether it’s a daily vitamin, immunizations, or a prescription for a specific ailment, consistency is vital. Set a schedule that aligns with your pet’s routine, making it easier to remember and ensuring optimal results.
  • Why Do Pets Need Medications?
    Pets, like humans, can suffer from a range of health issues. From allergies and infections to chronic conditions, medications play a crucial role in maintaining their well-being. Regular check-ups with a veterinarian can help identify any potential issues and determine the necessity of medications.

At Walkers Drug Store, we understand that pets may have unique needs. As a compounding pharmacy in North Carolina, we specialize in creating customized medications to suit your pet’s preferences and requirements.

Taking care of your pet’s health means being proactive with their medical needs as well. If you’re unsure about the right medications for your pet, come visit us. 

We’re not just a pharmacy in Charlotte, North Carolina; we’re your partners in the well-being of your entire family, including your furry friends. Your pets deserve the best, and so do you!

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