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Watch Out For These Common Illnesses This Spring

The cold and dreary days of winter are behind us and we are in the season of spring! Bright sunshine, blooming flowers, crisp, clean air and much more define this season. Unfortunately, while there are so many great things to celebrate about spring, there are some things to look out for. Spring is widely known for the increase in seasonal allergies since plants start producing pollen again during this time, but it’s not the only illness that’s common during this season.


Winter is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the clear for flu and the common cold. In fact, the humidity of spring is actually a conducive environment for the flu virus to spread. Cold and flu are communicable diseases, so the best way to prevent catching them is by washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, nose and eyes, and watching out for these signs that you may have a cold/flu.


Much like allergies, asthma can take an upward hike in spring. Things like increased pollen and allergens in the air, air temperature changes, fertilizers and insect repellents that can be spread through the air can all wreak havoc on the respiratory system. If your respiratory system is already weakened by asthma, it makes an attack all the more likely. If you find yourself using your inhaler or experiencing attacks more frequently this season, contact your doctor to discuss how you can find relief.


Rhinovirus is often used interchangeably with the common cold but the two aren’t actually the same thing. Rhinovirus is a group of viruses known to cause 50% of common colds. Rhinoviruses may also cause some sore throats, ear infections, and infections of the sinuses (openings in the bone near the nose and eyes). They may also cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but this is less common (healthychildren.org).

Lyme Disease

The warmer weather of spring encourages people to step outdoors, but it also encourages deer ticks to come out of hiding too. Deer ticks usually thrive in the warmy, rainy weather of spring

, and they become active in temperatures above 35° F. If you’re someone that enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, gardening, etc, you should take some precautions to ensure you don’t get bitten by a tick. Using tick repellent, staying away from high/tall grass are some strategies you can use to avoid getting bitten. You should also watch out for any rashes that appear after you’ve been outdoors for an extended period of time.


Spring allergies, also known as seasonal allergies, are so named for a reason. The budding plants and flowers that produce pollen and allergens spring up during this season, causing allergies for many. If you usually experience allergy symptoms during spring – you should try to get on medication a week or two before you expect your symptoms to start because this is when they work best. Common symptoms include runny/stuffy/red nose, sneezing, coughing and sore throat. If you usually experience these symptoms/suffer from seasonal allergies, check out some of our tips for dealing with spring allergies.

Spring is a beautiful season, and you should enjoy every minute of it while taking all precautions to be safe. This particular spring (2020) We do encourage you to be safe and watch out for the illnesses mentioned above, but don’t let it ruin this season for you. Go outside and have fun, just remember to apply your insect repellent and sunscreen first. And for all your OTC and prescription needs, come down to Walker’s Drug Store – the drug store that cares.

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